I am Afyia and I read, collect and share children’s books that positively portray characters with disabilities.

I began collecting children’s books a few months before my son was born. My hope was that when Chase was able to read he would have a great collection of books to choose from.

Chase was diagnosed with autism a few months shy of his 3rd birthday and I spent the next few years on a personal journey to learn as much as I could.

I went in search of books that featured characters with disabilities. I wanted books that would be fun and encouraging and maybe even help Chase understand his own disability.  I believe that children with disabilities need to see people similar to them – characters who look like them and have feelings and experiences similar to their own.

I found and fell in love with books like My Brother CharliePicky, Picky Pete, and All My Stripes. These books teach children to embrace not only who they are, but also to embrace the differences in others.

My goal is to share these books that I love and maybe inspire more authors and other booklovers on the importance of characters with disabilities in children’s books.